Tuesday Time Trailing Is Back!

We are pleased to announce that the IRC Evening League Time Trial series will be able to start from 6th April 2021. In order to make the events ‘Covid Compatible’ there will be a few changes from previous years:

Entries will be ONLINE ONLY - please do not try to enter on the day, you will be turned away. Enter at: https://www.ircttresults.co.uk/evening-league/entries/index.php and please take note of the instructions on that page.

Events are open to all, but IRC members will have a two day window (Wednesdays and Thursdays) where only they can enter. Entries open Wednesday morning and close midnight on the Monday before the event.

Any problems with the entry website (please bear with us as it is new!), please email admin@ircttresults.co.uk

Please pay when collecting your number at the allocated collection points set out on the page above. £5 for seniors, juniors ride free. Please bring exact money - we won’t be providing change.

There is STRICTLY no parking near the start of the Tingrith Course - we’ll not hand out a number to anyone parked there! Suggested alternatives are set out on the page above. Later in the season we hope to be able to use the school car park but that is TBC.

DO NOT CONGREGATE either when starting or finishing - we cannot afford to have the event look like a gathering and have it shut down or complaints made. No results will be available at the event, they will be shared on the website ASAP after the event has finished.

Additionally we cannot run these events without sufficient helpers - particularly marshals. By entering you are committing to carrying out sufficient marshalling duties throughout the year - we will only need you to help 3 (ish) times throughout the 22 week season so this shouldn’t be onerous. In order to qualify for the league you’ll need at least 3 helps and you will be barred entry if you are riding too much and helping too little…you have been warned! Offers of helping please email admin@ircttresults.co.uk.

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