Sunday Club Rides

The club offers weekly social clubruns and most weekend also a more demanding training ride.


Club runs are a generally social ride for all club members. They are mosty lead by the runs coordinator Nigel Cole. The leader chooses the route and controls the pace, working on the principle that ‘the run is as fast as the slowest rider’. Distances range from 40-60 miles. Starting points are in Barton-le-Clay (B/L), outside the library or Houghton Regis (H/R) in front of the church. Meeting times vary, dependent on the group and time of year. 9:00 am is the earliest start time and 9:30 pm the latest. Riders should aim to be at the meeting point 5 to 10 minutes before the departure time. Helmets aren’t compulsory but are highly recommended, seeing a clubrun with riders not wearing a helmet sends the wrong message these days. Mudguards complete with extended flap are much preferred in wet weather, and should be left in place throughout the winter months.


Carrying a spare inner tube and a pump is mandatory, puncture repair equipment acceptable, but altogether takes too long. Being seen without a mobile phone is unusual, and a very useful backup in the event of mechanical failure.

Training Rides

These are ad hoc. Arrangements are generally made on facebook, a week in advance. People that want to do it say so on facebook. We tend to meet at the top of Barton Cutting, at 08:30am. We do 3 to 4 hrs max.


Many use Strava these days, if you’re not aware see how it works by following Tim’s ride, click here to see: