Inter Club Time Trials

Time Trials are all about competition and IRC are part of a 5-club TT competition along with CC Ashwell, Beds Road CC, Hitchin Nomads CC and St Neots CC.


All of the events are hold on “Sporting Courses” (SPOCOs) and so tend to be on rolling country lanes rather than fast flat A-roads. They are friendly, informal events of between 10 and 30 miles with an end of season Hill Climb to finish off the series.

There are prizes for individual efforts for both men and ladies, and an overall Series club winner. All of the events are suitable for any class of rider, fast or slow, young or old, or those even older.

Last year, the IRC ladies did really well in the series although the club as a whole fared less well … solet’s try and make 2019 an Interclub TT series to remember for all the right reasons and fly the Icknield colours with pride.

Inter Club Time Trial Events